Equestian Construction

We as a company have for many years been involved in projects at equestrian and riding establishments constructing a whole range of client’s requirements. We have recently taken on a Construction Manager and can now offer complete services from design, planning, construction and project manage sites from beginning to end. We offer our services from site maintenance, water leaks etc. through to main contractors up to £1.5m developments.

  • Design, build new menages
  • Restore / supply new surfaces to menages
  • Drainage, ditches, moleploughing
  • Construction of stables, out buildings, barns, stores, etc.
  • Concreting, roads, turning areas, stables, internal and external
  • Car parks, temporary, permanent surfaces including tarmac.
  • Field tracks, surfaces
  • Water pipe laying with moleplough to troughs etc.
  • Building maintenance, roofs, brickwork, facilities toilets / showers etc.