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Buzzy learning about bees

Burden Bros Farms have teamed up with Sheppey Honey Producers and Eastchurch C of E Primary School to get pupils buzzing about bees. The aim of the project is to educate pupils on the importance of bees in our environment.

The project launched on 22nd May with an interactive assembly being held at Eastchurch C of E Primary School. Pupils learnt about bee habitat and the internal workings of a hive.

Pupils received two hives to decorate, which are to be placed on Old Rides Farm, Eastchurch. The pupils will be visiting the farm later in the season to learn about honey collection. Once the honey has been collected it will be provided to the school.

Ryan McCormack, Farm Manager said: “Bees are vital to farming and the environment, we rely on bees to pollinate the fruit, vegetables, crops and plants that we eat. We hope the project will help the next generation to understand the importance of bees in our environment and how to protect the species.”

Terry Clare, Sheppey Honey Producers said: “As the only local Bee Farm we are delighted to be able to introduce children to the wonderful world of the bee. By working with the bees, they will learn the importance of the bee to the environment, agriculture and the countryside.”



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