Cultivating with 6.6m Simba x-press, cultipress and flat rolls - Mocketts Marsh

Our Machinery

The farm runs four drills from an 8m Sumo Versadrill capable of drilling variable rate seed plans generated from one of our software packages, to a 6m tine drill or 4m combination drill.

In the ever increasing drive to reduce costs and increase efficiency, we have invested in excess of £100k in the last three years into GPS precision farming. This technology is now being utilized across all our equipment and is increasing our profitability and enabling us to minimize inputs and maximize yields with accurate mapping for management information.

Auto-trac enables cultivations, drilling and combining to be carried out to an accuracy of 10cm, reducing operating times, compaction and saving between 5%-8% on area covered, this inturn saves on all inputs of seed, fertilizer and chemicals.

Using this technology our seed drill and fertilizer spreader are both fitted with variable application systems, enabling us to optimize on varying soil types within individual fields, this has proved so far the greatest benefit to our infield management. Our new Bateman sprayer is fitted with GPS section shut off control, allowing for little or no overlap. We are proud that all our equipment is complemented with the correct tyre equipment for all operations and coupled with our investment in training of our staff, attention to detail is never compromised.

We also have:

  • 6 Furrow Ploughs
  • Simba Xpress
  • Culti Express
  • Sumo Trio
  • Powerharrow 6m & 4m
  • Flat and Ring Rolls
  • Tine Cultivators