Our Farms

On all our own farms and Mocketts farm, managed by ourselves, conservation plays a major role with 400 ha in higher level stewardship. With both agreements were renewed in 2011 for a ten year term. Andrew will undertake in house new ELS/HLS 10 year schemes in accordance with Natural England.

We welcome visitors to our farms to see for themselves the conservation work undertaken, be it hedge planting, field margins adjacent to water courses or the whole farm approach to support our expanding livestock suckler herd of 1000 cows. All our grazing is on conservation grass, both at Elmley or R.S.P.B and on our own farms. Winter housing for the herd is in our purpose built corals capable of housing 2000 in one unit.

With contract farming agreements becoming more and more popular we are looking to increase our farming acreage. With the latest technology and modern machinery available we can offer every solution to every individual business. Time and money are saved by both the landowner and by ourselves, every field combined is yield mapped, which enables Andrew to manage, with accurate detail, where improvements are needed and take the necessary action.

We are proud to grow our own grain which is sold to a range of users across the country. We work in partnership with the Copper Rivett Distillery which uses Burden grain to produce its alcohol. This alcohol is then used to create a range of beverages which are sold across the country at in our very own Ferry House Inn pub, restaurant and wedding venue. We are proud to embrace the ‘grain to glass’, ‘plot to plate’ and ‘field to fork’ ethos of the venue.