AMS/GPS Yield Mapping

With investment of £150,000 within the last two years in John Deere AMS technology and Farmade GateKeeper Software Solutions. This is a huge undertaking on our behalf, but straight away we can see savings of up to 10% through cultivations, drilling and through to combining. The key saving is at the drilling stage. Many tram lines will be below the 36-24-12 metres than required to be, costing not only more seed spray and fertiliser throughout the whole year but more time spent in the field.

Every operation is precise, accurate and not forgetting straight, there is always a level of pride in agriculture and this technology can only enhance this. With AutoTrac, compaction is greatly reduced and the operator can miss one or two widths, enabling faster headland turns, straight back into work with the infills worked back on themselves.

All of our main machinery is now AutoTrac driven including our sprayer and fertiliser applicator, cultivation teams, drilling and harvesting.

As a natural progression from AMS we introduced GateKeeper for our yield mapping, this has been a revolution in allowing us to view yield maps, either in the cab or in the office. We can record moisture, yield as an average or a spot value.

With this data we were able to decide in the worst cases whether or not we were able to crop certain areas of certain fields. All too often in the past we all apply the same or even more inputs on poor areas with no financial return at all.

We now have enough data to farm and reduce input costs to maximise profit