Swathing and Windrowing

We run a Hesston Swather complete with 25ft/7.5m cutter bar.

  • 15 years experienced operator.
  • Oilseed rape, borridge, flex, linseed, wholecrop, etc.
  • Anywhere in the South East
  • Harvesting 7-10 days earlier than direct cut.
  • No green material through combine.


  • We have a market for high quality dry oilseed rape straw.
  • We swath your oilseed rape
  • 10-12 days later you combine
  • We bale all residue/straw next day
  • Clear fields same day
  • You save on diesel (no chopping)
  • You save on diseases taken with straw
  • Leaving ideal conditions for min- till, less slug activity
  • We pay £kilo for all dry/ uncontaminated bales.