Equestrian Services

The key issue to our whole business is ‘timeliness’ and so many times we are approached by equestrian owners with complaints that their contractor has not come because he is busy working for a local big farmer, we are different, every customer whatever their size of workload has equal importance to the success of our business. Whatever part of the Burden Bros group you are working with rest assured that at all times we are committed to consistently providing a quality service from a team that is striving to be proud of all we do for our customers.

Hay / Haylage Production

  • Mowing
  • Baling – conventional, round, square
  • Carting and Stacking
  • Individual / Complete operations offered

Paddock Maintenance

We offer a complete husbandry service for grazing land.

  • Harrowing, rolling etc.
  • Reseeding, direct drilling grass seed with a 3m moore direct drill
  • Fencing, all types from stock, electric and posts with rail
  • Drainage, mole ploughing, ditching, cleaning etc.
  • Spraying / fertilizing, using specialist small equipment, with certificated operators, fully trained in application of chemicals and fertilizer. We have our own in house qualified agronomist who is Basis, Beta and Facts qualified, who is allowed to advise and supply customers issuing all legal documents for applications.
  • Hedge cutting, restoration, planting etc.

Muck Heap Disposal

We can offer a complete service of self loading and haulage away on a regular basis or as a one off. we are licensed by the Environmental Agency to handle and dispose of compostable wastes, we also hold a waste carriers licence for this operation.