Baling at Shurland Farm, Eastchurch

Baling & Propionic Acid


The South East’s biggest and most professional baling team, the latest machines/technology producing the quality bales heavier per kilo/m 3 than any of our competitors.

  • 3 x Hesston 2190 balers (120cm x 120cm x 240cm) @ 650kgs plus.
  • 3 x Hesston 2170 balers (90cm x 120cm x 240cm) @ 490kgs plus.
  • 1 x Hesston 2170 baler (80cm x 90cm x 240cm) @ 320kgs plus.
  • 1 x John Deere round baler, net wrap.
  • 1 x Conventional Baler (equine customers only).

When getting prices please remember to work on kgs/£, no one can beat us on price because of the quality and weight in kilo/m 3 that our machines achieve. Weights guaranteed.

Only Contractor in the South East across all size machines

  • Supplying U.S technology, preservative on moist hay/straw from 16% to 30%, no mould, no card boarding, no deterioration, greater nutritional value.
  • Accurate additive application on all materials, with fully automated ‘electronic eye’, application rates varied by computerised automatic moisture sensing.
  • No over/under application.
  • Accurate data supplied to customer.

Proprionic Acid

Burden Bros Contractors Ltd is the ONLY contractors in the South East to offer precision application of proprionic acid from all sized Hesston Balers NON CORROSIVE.

The system and products we have sourced from the USA. We have now completed 4 years working with this system and are confident to guarantee its use to give a quality product.

Straw can be successfully baled at up to 27% moisture with:

  • NO mould
  • NO deterioration
  • NO card boarding


  • Clearing fields quicker behind combines.
  • Timeliness in difficult weather conditions.
  • Easier on machines used for bedding livestock.
  • More digestible giving greater feed value.

HAY can be successfully preserved up to 24% with:

  • NO deterioration
  • NO mould
  • NO bad smell

Also hay becomes more digestible given greater feed value.