Environmental Policy

Burden Bros recognizes that its various activities impact upon the environment at local and wider levels and acknowledges its responsibility for the protection of the environment. As an agricultural contractor it accepts that its influence upon the environment will extend to where ever the company is employed. It has therefore a clear responsibility to adopt sound environmental management policies in order to set an example. As an organization with responsibility for providing advice to clients, who are themselves, environmental managers, it accepts that it may function as a role model. Burden bros is therefore, within the limit of its resources, committed to:

  1. Promoting the protection of the environment and minimizing any adverse impacts of its activities at all levels, directly and through its influence on others.
  2. Integrating good environmental management policies and practiced into every level of its organization.
  3. Provide a safe working environment for its employees and students.
  4. Conserving natural resources by minimizing its use of non renewable resources.
  5. Improving the efficiency of the use of energy, especially through, transport policy and the use of renewable energy sources.
  6. Avoiding the unnecessary use of hazardous materials and processes through a purchasing policy which avoids materials with undesirable environmental impact and through the use of sub-contractors who comply with statutory and mandatory rules and regulations.
  7. Developing a recycling and reuse policy for its resources and the use of recycled and recyclable materials.
  8. Protecting natural habitats and wildlife on land under good management being sensitive to landscape issues and actively promoting habitat creation and biodiversity.
  9. Providing development and training programs specifically to enhance awareness of environmental issues among its own staff
  10. Promoting an awareness of the need for environmental activity amongst its staff, students, clients, and the general public through both environmentally related education and as a permeating element in other educational activities.
  11. Promoting environmental awareness through demonstrations and advice on good environmental practice for its customers and by maintaining working links with others involved in environmental affairs.
  12. Setting targets for the above objectives and auditing their achievement on a regular basis.