Core Values

As Burden Bros have grown it has become important to define our core values. These will continue to help us develop and refine our culture, brand and our business strategies.

The core values below have shaped the culture and character of Burden Bros, and will continue to do so in future years (see diagram).

Family: At the heart of Burden Bros core values is family. This is clearly demonstrated in our BB4 emblem, where all four arms of Burden Brothers come together to highlight the size, breadth and strength of our company in one unique emblem. Teamwork and loyalty are key to this core value, and will help grow the company further going forwards.

Quality: We remain focused on this core value as a means of meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers. As a result we strive to out perform the competition and earn customer loyalty. Continual improvements of high standards improve quality throughout every aspect of the Group.

Pride: Taking pride in our work allows us to constantly strive to develop and improve. We are passionate about what we do and believe that what we do makes a difference.

Consistency: It creates a strong culture based on a shared system of beliefs that are widely understood by members of the Group. Consistency provides us with a central source of integration, co-ordination and control.

Commitment: We fulfil our commitments to our customers, our partners and our staff. We take personal responsibility for our actions and believe commitment is the spirit of determination and dedication.